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Electric Actuator Series: ITQ - ATM
Electric Actuator Series: ITQ - ATM


Electric Actuator Series: ITQ - ATM

An electric actuator is, essentially a geared motor. The motor can be of various voltages, and is the primary torque-generating component. To prevent heat damage from overwork or excessive current draw, electric actuator motors are usually equipped with a thermal overload sensor embedded in the motor windings. This sensor is wired in series with the power source and opens the circuit if the motor overheats. The circuit closes again when the motor reaches a safe operating temperature.
An electric motor consists of an armature, an electrical winding, and a gear train. When power is supplied to the winding, a magnetic field is generated causing the armature to rotate. The armature will rotate as long as there is power to the windings. When the power is cut, the motor stops. Standard end-of-travel limit switches, which are a necessity for an electric actuator, handle this task
  • High Performance Electric Actuator 100 to 3,000Nm
  • Robust construction & reliable performance - IP67
  • Options for Remote Position Controller 4-20mA or 0-10V
  • Declutchable manual override - Dry powder coating housing

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